Bazoocam is another popular random video chat room app website, but it is very unique compared to all the other options out there. While on a basic level it is still pretty similar to Omegle and Chatroulette, it has one super fundamental difference, which is that it caters primarily to people from France. Now, obviously if you’re from France or you speak French, this may not be an issue for you, but for the rest of you, which is probably most of you, this is definitely something you will want to consider. Of course, if you’ve been using sites of this nature a lot then you probably have already gotten used to meeting people from all around the world, and meeting a bunch of people from France won’t be a whole lot different. And hey, what’s wrong with learning a new language? I think we could all use a little better skill at communicating with other cultures.

Anyway, besides the French users aspect, Bazoocam does in fact have it’s own other cool and unique features! One such feature are these fun little mini games they’ve added such as tic tac toe, which are super useful for helping you break the ice with your latest chat partner, or just to add a little extra entertainment if you get a bit bored during your conversations. Games tend to be a great way in general to sort of lighten the mood and just enjoy yourself, so we give Bazoocam major props for adding them in! Another cool functionality they have is an accounts option where you can create an account and if you come across someone else who also has an account you can add them to a friends list. This is of course great for staying in touch with any people you have good connections with. If all this sounds good, make sure you check them out, as they really are one of the best apps out there!