Chatroulette became famous as the first well known service to randomly connect two people for a video chat session, while also offering the ability to quickly and easily skip to the next random stranger. However, the key thing to note here, is that they were the first of all the apps to do this with webcam chatting – Omegle actually was created first, but originally they only had a random text chat version. The addition of the video capability was obviously huge and propelled Chatroulette way ahead of Omegle in terms of popularity, but that didn’t last. Because of some questionable decisions that were made by the owner of Chatroulette in terms of changes to how it worked, its popularity declined. Omegle quickly responded with their own video chat room capability with extra features such as having one section of their app moderated to help solve the constant nudity issue, and now they are the top random chat site by a long shot, with no decline in sight.

However, Chatroulette is still alive and well. It still has plenty of users online at any given time for you to meet new people. It also has certain features that you might like, such as a login system, to help deal with the people doing unsightly things. Of course, some people prefer to be as anonymous as possible and will never bother to create an account at a site like this, but if you’re okay with having an account, this site now also has some extra features. One such feature is the ability to purchase tokens that allow you to ensure you are connected to people of only the gender you desire. This obviously cuts way down on your search time, if you really only want to talk to a specific gender, especially if you’re a man looking for a woman. Anyway, if you for some reason have never checked Chatroulette out, make sure you do at least once: