Meet Skip

Are you tired of the same old random chat room sites? Looking for something new, or maybe a new group of people? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will be discussing Meet Skip, one of the highest quality sites for anyone looking to talk to strangers online. You’re probably already thinking, “well I’ve already heard that before, I doubt this app is any better”. Well, you’re wrong! MeetSkip actually has special upgraded features that make it way better than any other sites like Omegle, including the titan itself. But how is this possible? Well, the creators looked around at all the available chatting options and realized there were significant features missing, so, they added those features to their own version, and that’s it. At this point I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly those features might happen to be. Well, there’s one feature that stands apart from all the others the most. It’s something we’ve all kind of come to take for granted, but yet even Omegle doesn’t have it. Unbelievable right? What it is, is the ability to share photos during your chat conversations.

As of right now on other chat with strangers sites, you have to upload your images to a picture host somewhere, then copy the link, and then paste it. On top of that, the link might not even be clickable on some of these random chat websites, making the whole process even more annoying. Agghhhhhhhh. Well, thanks to the awesomeness of Meet Skip, this is no longer an issue. They have added pic sending where you can easily select photos from your camera roll, upload them once, and then re-use them as much as you like in each different conversation. Now that is what you call convenient, am I right? I am. The addition of this feature helps encourage people to share visuals on MeetSkip, which makes the entire environment there a lot more interesting and entertaining. The addition of imagery also makes it way more likely that you will make real connections with people, and meet new friends that you actually keep talking to. It’s crazy how much of a difference adding this feature makes. And, to top it all off, Meet Skip offers their services completely 100% free. That’s correct, a free chat rooms experience that’s upgraded, totally anonymous, and super cool, all in one! I’m guessing you want to check it out by now, so here you go: Random Chat Online App at

Something else I should mention that is also very important, is that they have been extra careful to design their website so that it works on all different kinds of mobile devices. Whether it’s a larger or smaller phone size, a tablet, a laptop, and son on, it doesn’t matter, this chat site works like a charm. That means any time you’re bored and on the go, you can just pull up the app and get chatting, it’s great!